‘Cinema is not a coaching class; it certainly is a powerful tool to trigger the thought process of the society’

Brinda Muralidhar

About 1CanMedia Creations

1CanMedia Creations Inc., is a Canadian independent film production company established in 2014 by Brinda Muralidhar a theatre artist turned filmmaker.

The objective of 1CanMedia is to create meaningful cinema for our audience that would touch their hearts, poke their funny bones, trigger their thought process and purely entertain them.

Knot Not! (Marriage is a knotty naughty business), is the maiden feature film produced by 1CanMedia.

Conceptualised by co-producer Gunny Muralidhar, Knot Not! is written, directed and produced by Brinda Muralidhar.

Knot Not! was premiered and released on a limited basis in Greater Toronto Area, Edmonton, Alberta. The film garnered rave reviews from a multi-ethnic audience.  Knot Not! was an official selection in several film festivals including Bangalore International Film Festival and won the Best Film Award at Delhi International Film Festival.

Applauded as a movie experience and a hearty comedy by its audience at every screening, the subject of Knot Not! is no laughing matter. The film effectively deals with the rampant domestic bullying at its core.

Excited and encouraged by the positive response from its audience and critics alike, Knot Not! is being presented for global distribution.


In the development phase is 1CanMedia’s yet-to-be-titled romantic-comedy sautéed with a sumptuous flavor of social satire. To be filmed in Canada.

About Brinda Muralidhar

Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Editor & Choreographer

Founder-Director of 1CanMedia, Brinda Muralidhar comes from a family of theatre artists and filmmakers from the beautiful city of Mysore, Karnataka State, India. Having earned a name as a promising artist on stage and on air (All India Radio, Mysore (National Radio), Brinda moved to Canada in October 2000 with husband Gunny Muralidhar, her fellow theatre artist.

Throughout her artistic career in Canada, Brinda has worn many hats at the same time – Writer, Director, Producer, Actor & Editor, including in her first film Knot Not!

Brinda established KalaaRanga Performing Arts in 2003, a not-for-profit theatre company in Toronto.  She wrote, directed, choreographed & produced successfully over a dozen plays in Kannada, English, Hindi, ranging from quirky one-act plays to riveting dramas to Bollywood musicals.  She conducted workshops and trained numerous aspiring actors for stage, television and films.
Carrying her passion to screen, Brinda made short films and documentaries since 2006, leading to her first feature the riveting comedy drama Knot Not!Marriage is a knotty naughty business.

Brinda is currently developing her second feature, yet-to-be-named romantic comedy with a liberal touch of social satire. She is also working on a social comedy feature to be produced in her mother tongue Kannada.

Brinda serves as an advisor for IFFSA, Toronto – International Film Festival of South Asia, the largest film festival of its kind in North America.

Plays & Musicals:  Written, Directed and Choreographed by Brinda.

Here we are… to stay (2002) For Kannada Sangha Toronto / Rangmanch, Canada
Plights and pleasures of a newly migrated couple. The play enacted by Brinda and Gunny Muralidhar took the audience through an exhilarating and nostalgic journey of every immigrant and the audience identified themselves thoroughly.  The play was produced first in Kannada and then in English.

It is New Year people, not a howler (2003), For Kannada Sangha Toronto
A fun-filled Kannada play about the lengths a wife and a mother goes to, to celebrate Yugadi (the Kannada New Year) just like they did back home in India!  In an effort to hold onto her heritage and pass it on to her children, she appeals to her husband to help with the preparations for the festival, which he carelessly ignores. In a hilarious twist, the only way she has is, to produce another husband! Well, finally she has the last laugh and all is well that ends well as she ushers in Yugadi with her family and friends.   Audience said…it was a hoot, not a howler! They not only enjoyed the hilarity, but appreciated the unique way the play captured the spirit and every traditional aspect of Yugadi.

MIL DIL DA MA (2003) For SAWITRI Theatre Group.
Every generation so it seems, thinks that they would be a better parent than their own. In Mil Dil Da Ma, history repeats when a mother-in-law, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a daughter go head to head trying to prove they are a better parent than their own, realizing in the end, ‘my well-meaning intentions for you are not so welcome by you after-all’.

Brinda wrote and directed the play for SAWITRI Theatre group of which she is a former founding director.

Brinda got the idea for this play by listening to a casual yet intriguing conversation two of her friends had after a play reading session of SAWITRI.  One was talking about the challenges of living with a mother-in-law, while another was emphatically narrating similar and more challenging life with her live-in mother.  Brinda thought of the play which she then and there called MIL DIL DA MA.   Brinda credits Gunny Muralidhar for the overall concept for this complex subject. The play received great response and reviews in its multiple productions.

Stealers of the Show (2005)
A hilarious play about a heist gone wrong, yet, turns very right in the end! Set in Mumbai, India, Stealers of the Show showcased a multi-cultural cast from GTA, speaking in eight varieties of English dialects.  The play stole the audiences’ heart with its fun-filled, suspenseful story-line.

What is a Mumbai set without the Mumbai-local-train?  Yes, the play starts with a very toot-tooting, chew-chewing train running on the stage, a mock replica of the red and yellow Mumbai local.

Karma’s Karma: 2005
A pun- filled satire about the cause and effect of ever accumulating good and bad Karma. What mortal can escape the brunt of Karma?  In that, when the Lord Karma (if there is one!), decides to visit earth to teach a lesson to the earthlings, will he be able to escape the wrath of his own karma?  First, created in Kannada, it was specially produced in English on demand for Rangmanch South Asian Theatre Festival.

Musical: 2006
The age to make merry
Kunidaduva Vayasidu: You are never too old to sing and dance. Showcasing artists from 7 to 75 year olds, the joyous choreography ranged from street-dance to rock & roll to ballroom dance set to chartbuster old Kannada film songs. It was thoroughly enjoyed and applauded by the GTA Kannada community and by a massive 3000 audience at the World Kannada Convention – AKKA in 2006, held in USA.

Gaayenge Hum-07 (100 years of Hindi Cinema – from the silent era to chartbusters)
Conceptualized, produced and directed by Gunny Muralidhar, this was the first musical by KalaaRanga based on Hindi cinema music.  The production explored the birth of Hindi cinema music and evolution of some of the legendary singers of India.

A packed house audience thoroughly enjoyed the mesmerizing show complete with audio-visuals, singers and dancers from the GTA.  Brinda who was in India at the time, worked with the team in Canada, co-wrote the script and co-designed the production.

Gaayenge Hum-08 (Let us sing and be merry) Moods of Bollywood – Musical:  Based on Bollywood songs and the moods they depict, this was a brilliant blend of live band-singers-actors-dancers.  The suspenseful storyline has a Mumbai Don pining to discover his love interest from his childhood, while trying to resolve a young quadrangular love.  This colorful musical got raving response from the audience who called it a Bollywood Movie on stage.  About 60 artists and technicians collaborated to create this magical show.

From the memory lane: Nenapina Angaladinda…(2010)
A pure folk based Kannada musical. All songs were recorded by the participants themselves, who sang and danced a medley of folksongs.

The legend of the chair & the crown: (2011): A political satire set in a village in India. Conceived for a multi-lingual play in GTA, to be presented by different communities on the same stage.  Yet-to-be produced.

The Gift: (2012). An idea developed for a stage musical, now a yet-to-be-titled work-in-progress feature film.

Srinivas R. Graff

Creative Producer – 1CanMedia – India

Srinivas is an empaneled producer and director on Doordarshan on National and Karnataka Channels. He wrote, produced, directed several tele-films & tele-serials for both Doordarshan National and Karnataka channels.

As Creative Producer Srinivas Graff’s strengths are concept development, writing story, script and screenplay.

His past experience includes work in theatre, television, films including shorts, features and corporate films.

Knot Not – Feature Film

Marriage is a Knotty Naughty Business

Knot Not! is an English film with Indo-Canadian content and talent, produced in Canada. It is a family drama with a compelling story, intriguing characters, set in a very engaging humorous narrative. Knot Not! explores a deep social issue that has global resonance and holds mirror to the society while keeping in mind the entertainment value for its audience.

The film is full of relatable, heart-warming and thought provoking moments that are sure to induce a lot of pun and fun experience that the audience will cherish for a long time.


Knot Not! is a coming of age story of Mohan and his family.
The film breezes through Mohan’s life as a foreign student in Canada and the choices he has to make.
His father pays all his bills and tells him what to do! His mother is his best friend.
At the end of his studies, Mohan decides to settle down in Canada itself.
His parents crash-land there, to make sure that his decision is right for him.
Patricia Smith – an upright Canadian girl, is drawn to Mohan for his simplicity and his family ideals.
Meanwhile, Mohan’s parents like the spritely Indo-Canadian girl Lakshmi. Mohan likes her too. Their engagement date is set!  Everyone is happy that Mohan & Lakshmi are ready to tie the knot.
But, there is one knot! 
Mohan is yet to figure out what he wants!
In his quest to self-discovery, he is faced with two daunting questions:
why so? and now what?
Will he find the right answers?

Marriage is a knotty naughty business!!…

…in  Knot Not!



We make films with the money we don’t have and with the time we can’t spare! Yet, we get on with it and make films that will entice and enthrall our audience who are indeed the ultimate owners of the film, hoping that our film is indeed worthy of their ownership.

Brinda Muralidhar


In the development phase is 1CanMedia’s yet-to-be-titled romantic-comedy sautéed with a sumptuous flavor of social satire.

Pipeline projects

1CanMedia has in pipeline a selective array of film projects in various phases of development, including,

To be filmed mostly in India.

To be filmed mostly in India.

A feature in Brinda’s mother-tongue Kannada. Will it be a talk of the town in Venus and Mars or a battle of the brave-hearts!? It is a combo of social comedy steeped in reality-checks. With an ensemble cast, this story has the potential to be made in Hindi and regional languages of India.

To be filmed both in Canada and India.

To be filmed both in Canada and India.

An English feature, a Indo-Canadian courtroom-drama. A poignant story dealing with motherhood, fatherhood, in essence parenthood. To be filmed both in Canada and India.

To be filmed in Canada.

To be filmed in Canada.

An Indo-Canadian full-on comedy feature that is sure to raise the brows about the idea of unity in diversity and wonder whether diversity is divinity.

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